Micros and macros are important when it comes to your body, however each person is different so there is no blanket one size fits all. I have not done much research into this topic, so I don’t know how much of something is good for you and how much is bad. You don’t lose anything by keeping track of information.

Micros (vitamins and minerals) are things that everyone can keep an eye on. If you are not getting enough of vitamin B or turmeric or whatnot, there are supplements available. While I have not heard of anything that causes a problem when over ingested, it is probably something to avoid. Some minerals you cannot even get from food and so you would need pills for them. There are plenty of sources online to relate how you are feeling to missing iron or magnesium (etc.), as well as sources to correct that. Like not enjoying seafood, but needing to ingest fish oil for its helpful properties.

Macros (carbs, proteins, and fats) are more important for keeping keto or losing weight. The strictest keto I’ve heard of keeps you less than 20 carbs a day, not even my wife goes that far. She stays under 50 and it has still helped her lose over 70 pounds. She keeps her fats and proteins around 100g a day, the fats slightly higher than the protein.

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