While hate may be a little strong, it helps illustrate a point. Some ingredients change so much just from recipe to recipe, as well as from ingredient to recipe.

One example I have is tomatoes. Tomatoes don’t taste good and their texture with the juice and seeds is awful to me. That being said, I love salsa (chunky), pizza, chili, and strangely enough tomato slices on burgers. In the sauce ones, the texture gets erased and the taste gets covered or enhanced to be enjoyable. The slices however still have a chance to have too much of the liquid and seeds, the flesh being the only part that goes well with it.

Some people have genetics that make cilantro taste like soap, or cruciferous vegetables taste bitter. I don’t think you can change that for people, but for those that just don’t like the taste, you can cover it up with other things. This is something to keep in mind when cooking for others.

You can also outgrow your tastebuds, some things tasting better than before, some worse.

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