Tagalongs to me are the best girl scout cookies. I go through whole boxes easily and it saddens me that they don’t last long at all. There are a few others that are enjoyable, but tagalongs are way out in front.

A good way to replicate I have found is using: chocolate, peanut butter, and Ritz crackers. The short recipe is you spread some peanut butter on the Ritz and coat it in chocolate, storing it in the fridge. For these, the peanut butter I have always used is the thick stuff with all the added ingredients which is worse for you. 2-ingredient peanut butter is thinner but way healthier for you (peanuts and salt). To make the peanut butter thicker, you can mix it with some cream cheese, or put it in the fridge.

After I spread the peanut butter on the Ritz, I dip it in chocolate. Since I love peanut butter and white chocolate, I usually will add some peanut butter to the chocolate coating. To do this, I microwave some regular butter with the white chocolate and peanut butter making sure not to over-heat the chocolate to make it hard and crusty. If it’s half melty and half chocolate chip chunks, that’s perfect, and you can stir the rest of it using the melted chocolate to melt the rest. If it is too thick, you can put it in the microwave a bit more, or add some more butter to thin it out a bit. This makes it much easier for dipping and keeps the chocolate from chunking on the outside of the cracker. Although if that is something that strikes you for the sake of presentation, you can dunk half or 2/3rds of the cracker to get a different type of presentation. I personally like using chopsticks to dip the crackers into chocolate due to the small amount of contact it has, so that you can get a better coating.

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