None of my recipes have paragraphs upon paragraphs about how my uncle’s brother in-law heard something on the radio that sparked a childhood memory. I don’t do this for because it’s a recipe and I can’t stand it. I absolutely hate it when I click on a recipe and have to scroll for a couple of minutes to get to it.

There may be small references to how people enjoy a recipe or what changes might affect people differently, but for the most part that will be after the recipe.

The format I usually go by is: small introduction of what the recipe is, a photo if available of the finished product, the recipe, and then a mix of progress photos, recommendations, and ideas. After that will include a source for the recipe if I got it from somewhere specifically, not that I can guarantee I am getting the original source.

Posts in the blog section will mostly be text, with little to no pictures since for the most part they are not recipes but information.

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