Food is amazing, it is a binding that unites cultures and is something that people are proud of to show their culture to others. Whether it be simple or complex, a side or a full course meal, or anything in between, food can be a window into new experiences.

Don’t be afraid to mix different foods from different cultures, especially if you have lots of leftovers to take care of.

I mixed Mexican and Greek the other day, and I have to say, it went very well. I had some refried beans left from earlier in the week and rice, hummus, beef, lamb, and miscellaneous vegetables from leftover Greek food the day before. I decided to reheat everything but the hummus and put it in a tortilla with the cold hummus to see how it would meld. The flavor and texture of the seasoned meats and veggies went extremely well with the more subtle flavors of the beans and tortilla. It was very reminiscent of fajitas to me, and ever since then, I have been really enjoying putting diced steak into my bean burritos.

Another mix I enjoy is the Italian alfredo and the Japanese teriyaki chicken. Somehow the smooth tangy teriyaki compliments the creamy richness that alfredo provides. Noodles or rice don’t really matter much since they are essentially the same thing in differing sizes. You could even use mashed potatoes for a nice smooth texture.

Notice that the above examples have similar combinations to each other, so they are less likely to clash. Rice and beans from Mexican go together, as well as fajitas, that match with the rice and meat from the Greek. Alfredo noodles (with chicken), have the main ingredients that teriyaki chicken does, with rice, sauce, and chicken. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stray from the easy pairings, just that it is more likely to taste good the first time.

These are just a couple possible samples of ways to mix food of different cultures. There are plenty more to be found, like curry pizza or Chinese pork bun tamales. Sauces especially are something that can be shared between cultures, like having burgers and hot dogs and adding all sorts of fun sauces.

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