Popcorn chicken makes a fantastic side or focus of a meal. You can have it straight, cook it in sauce, or even stuff it in a casserole or biscuit. The possibilities end where you imagination does. You can use larger chunks to make chicken nuggets, with or without dipping sauce.

Just coat the chicken chunks in a simple mix of parmesan cheese and spices and cook stovetop with butter or oil, and sauce, or in the oven.

Unlike the rest of the breaded chicken that I make, I recommend this not be broiled in the oven, simply because by the time it gets to the crispiness that you want, it dries out the inside too much. That being said, you totally can broil it. It might be harder to get the crispy outside with the tender inside and you may have to watch it a bunch more, but this can be supplemented with sauces.

For chicken nuggets, I might suggest more grated cheese than shredded and it should be fine to put in the oven.

As shown above, if you do cook it on broil and you want more color or to cook it in the sauce you want, you can put it on the stovetop after it has finished its cycle in the oven (fresh or leftovers).

The chicken above was put in a container with my coatings and shaken until it was relatively uniform. It tends to give it a good thin coat, but it does not pick up shredded cheese well at all.

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