Keto remake of the KFC twister: crispy breaded chicken inside a soft wrap with spiced mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Instead of trying to copy the sauce they use, I use some mayo with sriracha and cream cheese. If you add the chicken fresh from the oven, the cream cheese will start to melt and slide out so be wary of that.

The lettuce and tomato are fairly self explanatory; add them if you’d like, otherwise substitute or eliminate them. The size and amount of each used should be tailored to each person.

To assemble, simply lay down the tortilla, spread the sauces, add the tomato, then the lettuce, and finally the chicken. Then roll tight, folding over 1 end if you want to make it a twister, both sides if you want a burrito, or none to cut in half or into many as smaller roll ups. Hold tightly and slice quickly to avoid the chicken slipping out.

For info on how to make the chicken, click here. If you want more chicken but don’t trust broil to cook the center of thicker cuts of meat, you can stack multiple, smaller chicken tenders. I remember KFC doing this as well on occasion.

Easy variations include but are not limited to: switching out or adding avocado for tomato, changing the lettuce to coleslaw, or switching the mayo to BBQ or buffalo sauce.

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