Keto Chow is amazing.

With so many flavors, there should be something for everyone to enjoy. They even have a soup option, though I have not tried it yet.

My wife’s favorite flavors are raspberry cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter. They are mixed with 60g of heavy whipping cream and filling up to the 20 oz and where the 22 oz line would be, respectively. After that, it’s the serving size of powder and shake (though the chocolate peanut butter sometimes needs a little blending).

I also like those flavors, cookies and cream, and snickerdoodle. I however, like 1.5 to 2 times the amount of heavy whipping cream and filling it only to 16 or 18 oz. This makes them noticeably thicker and, as the flavors I enjoy most are sweet, it’s kind of like a milkshake. The extra cream makes the taste stand out to me, but results may vary. While they are enjoyable with more water instead of cream, this is just my preference.

While simple meal replacement shakes may be the easiest and most common uses for Keto Chow, there is so much potential for baking and more. As shown in this recipe, you can use Keto Chow in cheesecake. While I used their raspberry cheesecake flavor, I think there are many different ones you could add to make a delicious cheesecake. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

You can find Keto Chow and many recipes that use it at This includes but is not limited to: soups, biscuits, cookies, pie, granola, and much much more.

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