I apologize if the website looks unpolished and recipes are missing photos. I am just starting out, and rather than wait until everything is set-up to post, I decided to post the recipes on priority.

I also go through and try all of the recipes before I post them so I know what they taste like and get my approval. Some of this was done before I started the blog, therefore didn’t take pictures. Going back to remake those just for the pictures is a low priority.

With these things in mind, not only do I want to grow as a writer/content creator, but I want my website to grow too. Let me know if there is something I can do better or a recipe idea you want brought to life. (E-mail is yet to be set-up currently, so for now comments will have to do)

I really enjoy branching out and creating new experiments. Taking an idea and making it completed meal, even in theory, is one of my favorite things to do.

Any pictures I do take will be of the food without filters and setting up to make it look better than it really does. What you see is what I made and what you can make.

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