Just because you eat carbs doesn’t mean you can’t venture into keto. In fact, some of the foods that are keto aren’t copied and changed from having carbs, they just happen to not have many to begin with (such as cooked meats or salads).

Whether it’s a filling that only needs a non-keto covering or the flour used being almond/coconut instead of regular. Substitutions are easy to find, and even encouraged on this site. I plan to have a list of several I’ve used and of some common ones in a later post.

So feel free to explore, you never know what amazing foods you might find where you aren’t looking!

For foods that just happen to be keto, they will be staying in the keto zone. There are occasionally carb ideas listed on my keto recipes, but that is for those who like carbs or because I don’t have a keto substitute yet or just because it’s too good of a suggestion to leave out simply because it has carbs.

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